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Frequently Asked Questions!

Right now it’s affiliate SEO.  However, if I had no skills it would be Shipt because it’s easy money and not too hard on your car.

Too many to count!  There’s only been a handful that have been worth it though.  Most are a waste of time or you barely make minimum wage.

Good question.  There’s plenty of people making way more than I am with their side hustles, but I would say anybody just starting out could easily make an extra $1,000/month with a little effort.

Yes, but it’s definitely a lot harder, especially if you don’t have a car.  Ideally you’ll want to invest some of your 9-5 salary into your side hustles.

I experience burnout whenever I don’t take any breaks during the week.  If I’m working 7 days a week for a few months I’ll start to notice my productivity take a nosedive.  Having some balance and taking some days off is key in my opinion.

Don’t try and do too many side hustles.  Each side hustle takes time to figure out the intricacies and how to maximize them.  For example, delivering for Shipt is much different than delivering for Uber Eats, so I wouldn’t do both starting out.

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